Our Story

Our story

The ~ Photo Cafe’ ~ starts its first steps thanks to four SL friends (Kika Yongho, Duraya, Kapaan and DaneAlbion) as an occasion to gather – together with alike people, interested in Second Life Photography.

Since September 2021 the meetings have been starting inworld on Second Life!

Through different locations – the very first Photo Cafe’ started on a beach! – we have been a meeting spot for all SL Photographers (at any level) to gather together and share experiences, hints, tips&tricks, landmarks or contests (inworld or Flickr) and whatever else came to our minds!

We have been having fortnightly meetings every other Saturday at H.11:00AM SLT. The meetings are being moderated and held on text chat (not on voice!) so to be accessible to everyone.

The Photo Cafe’ moved, in 2023, to a new beautiful fantasy location, built by Violette Rembrandt, co-creator – together with her Lucifer – of the sim Wonderland 2.0!

The time of the meetings changed to 12PM SLT to give the chance to more people to join us!

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In September 2023, the Photo Cafe’ has moved again to a brand new location.. New adventures for us at the horizon!

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